Why EcoICF

The Eco ICF Block system combines the tremendous strength of steel-reinforced concrete with the insulating properties of expanded polystyrene to produce one of the most revolutionary building systems in home construction today. There is no limit to what can be built with the Eco ICF Block system. Standard single story, two story, multi-story, even curved walls can be achieved! Any conventional interior or exterior wall covering can be accommodated.

Eco ICF Block advantages include:

  • Cost The cost to build your Eco ICF Block home will be comparable to that of other energy-efficient structures but with the additional numerous benefits: Heating and Cooling - The minute you move into your Eco ICF Block home, you begin saving money. That's because Eco ICF Block walls are airtight and have an R-3.5 insulation value. A house using conventional construction materials would have to be insulated to a value of R-8.5 achieve similar benefits and savings. Savings of 50% (or more) on heating and cooling costs are possible. Insurance Rates - Because the most of an Eco ICF Block home is concrete, it is considered masonry construction, ultimately resulting in lower insurance costs. Resale Value - All the features integrated into an Eco ICF Block home will add value when it comes time to sell. . Energy efficient Insulated concrete forms combine close celled expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with the terrific performance of concrete's thermal mass to give you 30-50% savings in your heating and air conditioning costs. Obviously nothing blows through reinforced concrete. Covered EPS does not settle or deteriorate. What does all this mean to you? Significant, consistent long-term savings and exceptional comfort.
  • Resistant to bugs There is absolutely no food value for termites in an Eco ICF wall. For every one-degree we raise the earth's temperature we double the insect population. With global warming its time to be concerned about keeping the bugs outside and consequently protecting your investment and piece of mind.
  • Solid concrete Nothing blows through concrete. Outside winds do not effect inside comfort. Gone are those uncomfortable winter drafts and huge areas of heat loss or gain from electrical boxes. ICF structures built from footing to rafter typically have their floor joists hung by engineered systems so that you have a full height reinforced insulated concrete wall. Huge savings in heat loss are now possible by eliminating drafts that are typically found where conventional floor joists rest on foundation walls.
  • Sound-resistant Concrete filled insulated concrete forms provide exceptional sound attenuation. Eco ICF walls virtually make outside noise inaudible inside. From partition walls in senior complexes, to churches, to commercial structures in high traffic areas. Aircraft, train, vehicular and severe weather noises stay outside. Silence is truly golden with ICF.
  • Superior insulation Expanded polystyrene is the premium insulation choice for your long-term comfort. You have no air borne glass fibres to breath as well as no insulation settlement to be concerned about. With ICF high fluctuations in room temperatures will become a thing of the past and consequently you and your family will experience overall comfort like never before.
  • Fire-resistant Walls built with Insulating Concrete Forms have a three-hour plus fire rating. We use only approved raw material bead with flame-retardant agents. Since our walls are constructed with reinforced concrete it is easy to compliment them with concrete steel floor and roof systems making your structure extremely fire proof. "When seconds count", you and your family will be glad you chose ICF.
  • Resistant to storms and high winds Protect your investment, protect your family and protect yourself. Build with ICF.
  • Environmentally friendly One ICF home saves at least ten trees, which absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and give us oxygen. If you can reduce your energy consumption by 30 -40% you can reduce your emissions by the same amount. Think about it. The world's most prevalent building materials are sand and gravel. ICF walls greatly reduce landfill, which generates methane.