Home Owner Advantages of ICF

An Eco ICF home can pay you back month after month with lower cooling/heating bills than a regular home. In fact you could save in excess of $150-200/month. From the minute you move into your ICF home you begin saving money. This is because Eco ICF block walls and Eskydeck floors/ceilings & roofs are airtight and have an R-3.5 value. A house using conventional construction materials would have to be insulated to a value of R-8.5 to achieve similar benefits and savings. Savings of 50% or more, on heating and cooling costs are possible.

Eco ICF homes are resistant to bugs. There is no food value for termites in these products. For every one degree we raise the earth's temperature we double the insect population. With global warming it's time to be concerned about keeping the bugs outside and consequently protecting your investment and peace of mind.

An Eco ICF home is solid concrete, which includes walls, floors & ceilings. Nothing blows through concrete so outside weather does not affect your inside comfort. Uncomfortable winter drafts are gone as well as huge areas of heat loss or gain from electrical boxes. ICF structures are a complete monolithic poured structure and engineered system giving you full height reinforced insulated concrete walls with the Eskydeck floor system poured at the same time. Huge savings in energy loss are now possible by eliminating drafts that are typically found with conventional floor systems.

An Eco ICF home is an allergy sufferers best friend. They keep the outside air out better than a conventional home. You will definitely breathe easier in your Eco ICF home for many years to come.

Eco ICF homes cool down FAST and humidity stays outside where it belongs adding to your comfort.

Frog on Waterlilly

Eco ICF homes are 50% quieter than conventional homes. Sleep as long as you desire any time day or night. Concrete filled insulated concrete forms provide exceptional sound attenuation. Eco ICF walls together with Eskydeck floors & roofs virtually make outside noise inaudible inside. Eco ICF can provide very effective sound insulation in partition walls in seniors complexes (retirement villages) etc or just between bedrooms in your home. Building with ICF can expand your choice of land that you purchase because of the quality of the insulation. Silence is truly golden with ICF.

An Eco ICF home with Eskydeck has fire resistant walls, floors & roofs providing a three hour plus fire rating. We use only approved raw material with flame-retardant agents. Since our walls are constructed with reinforced concrete it is easy to compliment them with concrete steel floor and roof systems i.e. Eskydeck, making your structure extremely fireproof. When seconds count, you and your family will be thankful you chose ICF. Conventional buildings offer the same but will burn to the ground after you leave, however your Eco ICF home will still be standing

A sprinkler system in a timber house won't stop your house from burning down because once timber is burning it is highly combustible, but a sprinkler system in an ICF house will stop it from burning down because EPS is non combustible and concrete doesn't burn.

  • Eco ICF walls are Branz Tested & BCA Compliant
  • 24mpa in 40mpa at 30 days
  • Fire resistant (90mins) for the 230 Series Wall
  • Acoustic FSTC = 54 for 280 Series Wall
  • Thermal R-Value = -3.78
  • Eco ICF blocks are approved by the Queensland State Government

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) in Bushfire Areas

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) is a stay in place formwork that protects the concrete and acts as insulation.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) is not an add on to overcome poor building construction products and practices.

You only need to use ICF for the envelope of the building.

ICF is a complete building science in itself.

ICF covers walls & tilt up panels, Eskydeck covers floors & roofs.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) does not support combustion.

Concrete does not support combustion.

Steel Sheet Metal jackets on Eskydeck do not support combustion.

Render does not support combustion.


Fuel products to keep away from building

  • Timber
  • Long Grass
  • Overhanging Trees
  • Dead Leaves from Trees

AS3959 is only for structures that use products that support combustion.

If you still want to use a timber structure in a bushfire area, don't discuss it with your builder, talk to your psychiatrist!

Seriously, if you are rebuilding in a bushfire prone area, you must look at ICF. If you build out of ICF, your place could be the only place in the district, in a serious bushfire, that does not burn to the ground. It will be a safe haven, not only for you and your family, but also for your neighbour if they haven't had the same foresight as you to actually build out of ICF. Take the time to check this out. Give us a call and have a chat.


David Kuhnert - +61 414 664748

President of the ICF Association of Australia.


Ask how ICF construction protects your home, family and prized possessions better than a conventional home. Timber and metal frame homes that have EPS on the outside make it vulnerable and easy to punch a hole through the foam and the gyprock and put your hand in and unlock the door but with ICF it is impossible ....video car driving into the wall.

Your Eco ICF home will keep your family cool, safe and saving money month after month.

One ICF home saves at least ten trees which absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and gives us oxygen. If you can reduce your energy consumption by 30-40% you can reduce your emissions by the same amount. The world's most prevalent building materials are sand and gravel. ICF houses greatly reduce landfill, of which the by product is methane.


Environmental Facts – At A Glance

  • Uses recycled materials whenever possible
  • Uses no CFCs or HCFCs
  • Emits no fumes or gases
  • Reduces mould problems
  • Minimizes construction waste