The Build Phase

Due to the labour savings of Eco ICF walls & Eskydeck floors & ceilings, overall construction costs are generally lower than CMU, concrete and steel framed buildings and the build is faster and safer. All weather builds are common with Eco ICF & Eskydeck as our insulated forms are largely unaffected by wet, hot or cold site conditions. Seismic and cyclone designs are easily accomplished and unlike wood-frame construction, ICF in cyclone construction can be engineered to withstand all cyclone categories. Developers will also enjoy the lower number of trades on site and the ease of the flow of the construction.

The Operating Phase

Eco ICF high performance buildings show well if selling, keep tenants comfortable and happy and higher rents can be commanded. Eco ICF party walls are air-tight and thus minimize sound and odour transfer. Their performance is unaffected by the placement of electrical outlets. Damage as a result of water leakage is the #1 consequence of construction defects. However, foam-and-concrete Eco ICF walls simply do not rot. Reduced repair costs and ongoing lower utility bills drop to the bottom line and increase annual operating profits.

The Re-Sale Phase

The superior performance fundamentals built into Eco ICF high performance buildings resonate strongly with long-term institutional investors and command attractive prices.

  • Wind Protection - Wind-rated to over 300mph
  • Fire Protection - 2-4 hour fire rating
  • Earthquake Protection - Engineering available for all seismic zones
  • Moisture Protection - Does not rot

Insulated Concrete Form - But not as you know it

This is the new generation of ICF construction which is the better way to build.

ICF has been in Australia for approx 35 years and has been nurtured by a handful of dedicated ICF block suppliers however it is still stuck in the 1900s.

It is definitely time to now move on.

We have developed the most uptodate methods drawn from our experience in Australia and also in consultation with engineers in Canada who have been building with ICF for over 40 years.

Eco ICF Builders and Supplies Pty Ltd is an Australian company that is bringing these current ideas to the forefront of the ICF Industry here in Australia.

We have a fully integrated ICF building system, incorporating walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors, window forms and many accessories to make ICF user friendly, cost effective, and the most leading edge ICF system in Australia today.

ICF Construction is of superior value, and built to last 100+ years.