About Eco ICF Builders

Eco ICF Builders & Supplies are a team of dedicated ICF(Insulated Concrete Form) Builders, Architects, Designers & Engineers right throughout Australia who are passionate about ICF and its many benefits.

David Kuhnert, the founder of Eco ICF Builders & Supplies, has been in the building industry in Australia for the best part of 50 years and has always been looking for a better building approach for the builder. David is still a registered builder and now retired from building. Over the last 10 years, he has been fortunate to have researched and studied ICF and developed relationships with Canadians and Americans who have been using ICF for the best part of 30 years. This information that I am about to share with you is in line with the world leaders in ICF and I am making this available to builders and draftsmen so they can take advantage of the most uptodate ICF system in Australia today. My intention is to open a door for them into the smartest and most efficient methods of using ICF in the building industry today. There has been a lot of thought and energy gone into developing this world class system. It has evolved to its present standard over many years and because of my strong belief and passion about this building system, it is important to me that others are able to use this system right now in 2016, without the need for reinventing the wheel, which can be extremely costly in time and money. David's understanding of ICF and his expertise in the building industry are second to none.

This is Insulated Concrete Form, but not as you presently know it. This is a whole new approach. It is a fully integrated system which has walls, floors and roofs. The flooring system is a state of the art system called Eskydeck. Every beam and lintel is engineered with Eskydeck patented triple chairs, double lintel ligatures, truss forms and other accessories. There has been many years and hours of research go into the production of these patented accessories and the inclusion of these in ICF buildings has ensured a faster and stronger build. These Eskydeck accessories allow the installers to build in ICF using a whole new method of construction that is more advanced and cost effective. All these products save 50-60% of the steel reo installation time. They are available through Eco ICF Builders & Supplies and their agents who have authority to install Eskydeck and Eskydeck accessories Australia wide. I am available as a consultant with Draftsmen and/or Engineers who would like to be more informed about ICF and are keen to incorporate this in their designs.

Contact Eco ICF Builders & Supplies direct for the full package and bulk prices. Remember these products are only available through our Eco ICF Builders & Supplies representatives Australia wide. The Eskydeck ICF flooring system and accessories are made by Australians for Australians in Australia. Come along and join us and be a part of the new building revolution ensuring buildings in Australia are sustainable and energy efficient as we move into the 21st century.